Bond University Student Association

2017/18 Committee

Robin Sutcliffe President  10am – 12pm Friday
Stacey Messini Secretary  9am – 11am Monday
James Rosengren Treasurer 12pm – 2pm Thursday
Lacey Rowett Vice-President (Education) 11am – 1pm Monday
Emily Moodie Advocacy Director  2pm – 4pm Wednesday
Jacob Cookson Special Interest Director  2pm – 4pm Tuesday
Damian Giuffrida Vice-President (Sport)  1pm – 3pm Friday
Sophie Jones Sporting Events and Projects Director  2pm – 4pm Thursday
Nikki Marzbani Vice-President (Recreation)   11am – 12pm Thursday 
Tait Gaze Social Director   12pm – 2pm Thursday
Gyan Wijekulasuriya Clubs and Societies Director   2pm – 4pm Monday
Lachlan Castles IT Director 9am – 11am Tuesday 
Jordan Gamble Marketing Director 9am – 11am Friday
Sophie Venz Publications Director 11am – 1pm Tuesday
Isabella Cerutti Corporate Relations Director  1pm – 2pm Monday and Tuesday
Beryl Kwambai Postgraduate Student Liaison  9am – 11am Thursday 
Alana Bonenfant International Student Liaison  10am – 12pm Friday 

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