Bond University Student Association

Faculty Student Associations



The BSA is the overarching representative body for those enrolled in the Faculty of Business. The BSA provides assistance to business-related sub-groups including: Bond Investment Group (BIG), Bond Marketing Group (BMG), and Bond Information Technology Students (BITS). The BSA provides academic support and hosts social events including; Palaver, Aussie Day Bash, MegaBowl (Bus vs. Law) and business breakfasts. BSA also offers students access to a range of competitions including the Global Management Challenge. The BSA keeps students informed about current financial trends and provides networking opportunities for students to gain valuable industry contacts.

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The Bond University Health Sciences and Medicine Students Association team is motivated and determined to improve the faculty in order to maximise student satisfaction as Health Science and Medical Students and foster a greater HMSA community.The Health Science and Medicine faculty of Bond University brings together a large group of enthusiastic, ambitious and scientifically inclined individuals from across the country. With this in mind, the HMSA team was formed, in an effort to achieve comprehensive representation of the diverse cohorts across the two major schools of the faculty. The HMSA aspire to excel in their respective roles, serving the student body to the best of their abilities. Our team is young, keen and wholly devoted to ensuring that your experience as a Health Science/Medicine student is everything you want it to be.



Operating since 1990, the LSA has become one of the largest student organisations within Bond. We have direct access to over one thousand students, and work very closely with Bond University staff and the Faculty of Law to provide our students with premium services and industry access.The LSA organises social and networking events, academic support, training and competitions and a broad range of career opportunities for the law students of Bond. The LSA works hard to ensure that our students receive an all round service and an exceptional law school experience. This is part of the holistic, hands-on approach to studying that exemplifies the Bond advantage across the University and particularly, throughout the Faculty of Law.

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The Society and Design Students’ Association is a student representative body for all students within the Faculty of Society and Design at Bond University.The Faculty of Society and Design boasts the largest number of students per faculty and the most diverse range of degrees at Bond University. From Communications to Film & TV students. The Society and Design Students’ Association is a representative student body with resourceful function including the SDSA Book Sale; various cultural & social events; competitions; and academic, work and internship opportunities.

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