A Bond University student that loves to showcase their social, artistic and cultural prowess never misses a Bondstock. Bondstock is the most anticipated week in the Bond University social calendar. It is a week of events that embodies student life at Bond and is by far the biggest and most important event in a Bondy’s social calendar. Bondstock’s four major events are Launch Party, Music Festival, Secret Location Party and Student Gala. Each major event is tailored to provide a different experience for students and gives businesses opportunities to make their mark on each event.

Now in its seventeenth year, Bondstock 2021 will be returning to its roots and including more arts and cultural events in its line-up. The sky is the limit when looking at the possibilities for partnerships between your business and Bondstock. If getting involved in the most exciting week of the year for a Bond University student sounds exciting, visit the Bondstock Facebook here.