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Beyond Bond

You go to uni to get a degree, you come to Bond to launch your career!


What is Beyond Bond?

Beyond Bond is a professional development program designed to ensure the best employment outcome for our graduates. The aim is to equip you with the knowledge and skills to effectively plan your career path. You will broaden your employment skills beyond the classroom through a variety of work-integrated learning, community engagement and career exploration activities.
To complete Beyond Bond you will be required to obtain 100 points from the Beyond Bond Activity Framework prior to graduation and Beyond Bond will appear on your academic transcript.
For more information please check out your Beyond Bond iLearn site and if you have any questions please email
We look forward to sharing your Beyond Bond journey!
Kirsty, Shilo and Lisa

CORE11-004 Beyond Bond Subject Overview

1. Who runs Beyond Bond?

Beyond Bond is run by the Career Development Centre (CDC).

2. Do I have to participate in Beyond Bond?

Beyond Bond is the 4th CORE Subject (core11-004) under the new Core Structure. It is zero credit points, meaning there is no cost to students.
YES all students commencing an undergraduate degree at Bond University from May 2014 onwards MUST COMPLETE Beyond Bond. This includes students who were previously studying a diploma at Bond. To complete you must earn a MINIMUM of 100 points throughout your degree, prior to graduation.

3. How do I earn Beyond Bond Points?

There are two components to Beyond Bond.
a) Students earn 30 points from participating in the workshops and associated submissions within the core subjects core11-001, core11-002 and core11-003. There are 6 workshops in total.
b) Students also earn a minimum of 70 points by participating in elective activities within the Beyond Bond Framework and completing a specified written reflection on each activity. ACTIVITY + REFLECTIVE SUBMISSION = POINTS.

4. What sort of elective activities can I do?

There are four categories of activities. These include work based (e.g. work experience, internships, part-time jobs), work related (e.g. industry projects, guest lectures), community based (e.g. volunteering, involvement in clubs and societies, mentoring) or career exploration activities (e.g. professional events, personal development workshops)..
Students must complete activities across at least 2 of the categories to earn Beyond Bond points.

5. Will I be able to get 100 points?

a) All students enrolled in Beyond Bond will accrue up to 30 points from participating in the compulsory CORE workshops and completing their associated submissions.
b) 100 points sound like a lot? Don’t be overwhelmed by the idea of this. We are confident that all students will be able to earn their remaining 70 points to fulfil the Beyond Bond requirements.
c) You earn your Beyond Bond points over the course of your entire undergraduate degree – NOT just in one semester..
d) It might surprise you that most students will naturally, either through their studies or through their social activities or interests, engage in activities that could contribute to their Beyond Bond points. This includes a range of work based, work- related, community based or career exploration activities. See the Beyond Bond Framework for a list of types of activities that would qualify. You may not realise but you could be on the way to earning points already!
e) PLUS in the Beyond Bond workshop in Core11-002, the CDC team will be assisting you to complete an ‘Engagement Schedule’ as part of your workshop submission. This semester-by-semester schedule helps you identify the Beyond Bond activities you will undertake during your time at Bond, in order to earn your points.
f) If you have any concerns about your ability to complete Beyond Bond, please make an appointment at the CDC to meet with a team member for assistance. We are here to help you.
g) Points are only allocated once the reflective activity is submitted via iLEARN where it is reviewed by the Career Development Centre and you are provided feedback on your submission. If the submissions are sufficiently completed points will be allocated and can be viewed through iLEARN.

6. What if I earn more than 100 points?

That’s great! There is no limit to the amount of points you can earn and we will be introducing an Excellence Program in 2015 to encourage and reward students who earn well over the 100 point minimum. Go for it!

7. Is Beyond Bond formally recognised on graduation?

a) Completion of Beyond Bond will be listed on your Academic Transcript.
b) Your AHEGS (Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement) will also house a statement regarding Beyond Bond,
c) And, you will receive a Certificate of Completion listing the Beyond Bond activities you engaged in.
8. I have a heavy study load. How will Beyond Bond affect my workload?
a) You have your whole degree to complete Beyond Bond. PROVIDED you complete the activities in the cores as required and follow the recommended progression pattern of one reflection per semester, it should not be a significant imposition on your time.
b) If you do the reflections shortly after your involvement in a particular activity, then your submission should be easier to reflect and write about. If you wait too long to write about it, it will be harder to remember.

9. Can I get exemption or credit for Beyond Bond?


10. I have been given credit for one of the other core subjects. How does this affect my involvement in Beyond Bond?

Replica workshops are scheduled each semester to accommodate students who are not in one or more of the core subjects. You must attend these and complete the required submissions to earn the associated points.

11. I’m a mature age student. Can I get an Exemption from Beyond Bond due to life/work experience?

a) Regardless of your prior learning, work experience or broader knowledge and engagement, if you are a new undergraduate student, Beyond Bond is a compulsory requirement of your degree.
b) HOWEVER if you have significant work experience prior to coming to Bond you are able to use this towards a reflective submission to earn Beyond Bond points. Please speak with one of the CDC team for more information.

12. Can I earn points in a number of activities within the same category (i.e. 2 or 3 from Work Based or Community Based?

Variety is encouraged. Ideally you will select activities (and earn points) from each of the 4 categories work based, work- related, community based or career exploration. However, you must earn points across at least 2 categories.

13. I have been working part-time in the same job for 2 semesters. Can I reflect on this twice and earn two lots of points?

No. You can only reflect on this activity more than once if your role within the company has changed.

14. I have been playing soccer for 2 semesters, can I reflect on this twice and earn two lots of points?

No. You cannot submit the same activity for a reflection even if you are still completing it over more than one semester. However, you can reflect on participation in a different sporting team.

15. Where do I submit my information for Beyond Bond?

You upload your submissions and reflections to the CORE11-004 iLearn site. You will also find on this site:
a) The Beyond Bond Framework and Reflection Requirements;
b) Your points status;
c) Any scheduled replica or catch up workshops (for those who are not in the cores or who missed one)
d) Volunteer Vacancies and a list of all Bond related clubs and societies
e) Online resources,
If you are unsure about navigating your way around iLearn, attend our workshops to get you started.

16. I uploaded submissions for Beyond Bond in my core subject but my points haven’t changed – why?

Points will only be added to your status in iLearn once:
a) ALL your core submissions for that subject have been uploaded
b) AND you have participated in both workshops
c) AND your submissions have been reviewed and feedback has been returned. Feedback is provided electronically, usually within 5 days of submission.
In some circumstances you may need to resubmit your work. Points will only be allocated once any resubmissions have been received and reviewed.

17. How do I know whether an activity will count towards Beyond Bond?

The list of activities can be found in the Beyond Bond Framework and also on the core11-004 iLearn site.

18. What if my activity isn’t on the List?

If you are doing or planning to do an activity that isn’t on the framework, simply email with details of your activity (describe what you will be doing and the time commitment involved) and we will respond as to the eligibility of the activity for Beyond Bond points.

19. Does casual employment count for points?

YES, provided you work at least 2 hours per week over a 3 month period (or equivalent hours within a shorter timeframe). Refer to the work based category of the Beyond Bond Framework, under part-time employment.

20. Can I get points for being involved in a club or society on campus?

YES – refer to the Beyond Bond Framework, Community category, under Bond Community Engagement. If you take on a leadership role, you can earn even more points – refer to the same category under Bond Community Leadership.