The purpose of the Advocacy Directorship is primarily to provide information and assistance to students whose rights have been adversely affected by the University.

The Advocacy Director’s role primarily revolves around supporting students in their interactions with the University.

These interactions are divided into three rough areas:
• Academic (e.g. grades)
• Administrative (e.g. fees)
• Disciplinary (e.g. plagiarism)

Over these areas the Advocacy Director provides the following:
• Information on University policy and procedure
• Assistance in drafting of materials
• Assistance in preparation of case
• Assistance in preparation for hearings
• Support and representation in hearings

Advocacy services are free to all students who are appealing university decisions. This service involves assistance in drafting appeal letters, formulating arguments, advising on University policy and preparation\representation at hearings and other matters including fine issuances.

Steph White – Advocacy Director